Event Date: 11/12/2018 - 11/15/2018

Spring 2019 Registration: week of November 12th
Seniors: Monday, November 12th 11:15-12:15
Juniors: Tuesday, November 13th 11:15-12:15
Sophomores: Wednesday, November 14th 11:15-12:15
First-Year: Thursday, November 15th 11:10-12:15

The schedules of classes for the spring 2019 semester, including minor information is now available! Download the schedule of classes at:


This link goes to the main registration webpage and will show any updates/cancellations/additions to the schedule of classes and will link to the minor information. Check back often.

You received emails on Monday, October 22nd with your program of study and your registration planner . Your advisor will NOT have a copy of your registration planner. You are responsible for your registration information and printing the forms (Program of Study & Registration Planner) to take to your advisor for a signature.

Now that you have this information, what should you do with it?
First – take a look at your program of study and mark any changes you may have made to your current schedule. Identify courses you could take in the spring (making sure that you meet all prerequisites). Contact the Registrar’s office if your POS is incorrect.
Second – make an appointment with your advisor (listed on your program of study). Your advisor must sign your registration planner!

 Be prepared when you meet with your advisor – bring a printed copy of your program of study and your registration planner and have ideas for alternative schedule options. You must print your registration planner and bring it to your advisor for their signature! Your advisor can make you set another appointment time if you are not prepared.
Third – show up to registration and bring your signed registration planner (your login information is on your planner) and any other forms with you (independent study/Marquette cross-registration). Attending registration on your assigned day and time will give you the best chance at getting into the classes and sections you really want.

If you are not able to attend your registration day/time (for any reason) you may come to any of the other registration times AFTER your assigned day/time. You may have to wait in line. Or you may also register in RL45E or D during business hours beginning Monday, November 19th.
Be assured that we will work with you to get you into your major classes. MIAD guarantees seats in your major classes, but not always in your first choice section. Please be flexible and willing to move things around.

Things to remember when registering:
1. The evening time blocks (6:00-8:30 & 7:00-9:30) on the schedule overlap! Make sure you are not scheduling classes that meet at the same time!

2. Liberal studies and studio electives do not have to be taken in the semester/year in which they are assigned on the POS – as long as you meet the prerequisites, they can be moved around as needed.
3. If the class you want is full – add yourself to the wait list and choose another class that fits your schedule. I check the wait lists to determine if more sections are needed.
4. You are guaranteed a seat in your major classes – it may not be the section you prefer, but you will get your major classes. Choose back-up schedules. If all sections become full – add yourself to the wait list of your preferred section. This will help me determine how many new sections are needed and what day/time to offer them.
5. Priority in required major studio classes is given to students declared in the major. If the class fills, non-major and minor students may be removed from the class and placed on the wait list to allow room for declared major students. You will be notified via email if this occurs.
6. Independent studies and internships will be entered on your schedule once the completed paper work is received. If you need these credits to be at full-time status, register for the placeholder class, INIS. You should be working with the instructor now for an independent study or with Career Services for an internship.
7. Register for the placeholder ‘MARQ’ if you are taking a Marquette course. Be sure to turn in the cross registration form (found in the schedule of classes) with your registration planner at registration.
8. Independent study forms must be completed (with all signatures) and turned in to the Registrar’s office by the end of the first week of classes (open enrollment) for the semester you intend to complete the study. After open enrollment, independent study forms will not be accepted and will have to wait until the following semester.
9. If you are not planning on returning to MIAD, contact the Registrar’s office to complete the necessary paperwork.

Thank you!

For more information contact: Jean Weimer, jweimer@miad.edu

Website: www.miad.edu/spring2019schedule