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As you begin not only a new leaf to the new year, this spring semester brings many opportunities for academic and personal success. The question is… “What will this success look like for you?” attending my undergraduate program, the biggest struggle for me was the fear of success. That’s right, I FEARED SUCCESS. Not because I did not want to be successful, but as a millennial, I understood there were a lot of high stakes with wanting to be a young and aspiring professional; So, you want to know how I overcame my fear, right? Well, it wasn’t easy, but I found success in the simple:

10 ways to succeed without trying too hard

1.     Be on time– Lateness reduces credibility (if you must be late, communicate by email and by phone prior to being late; by keeping your instructor informed you are allowing them to understand who you are as an aspiring professional. HINT: DON’T MAKE IT OFTEN).

2.     Develop a Work Ethic– No one pays you to be great; they pay you to do a job– HOWEVER, GREATNESS ELEVATES YOU AND ADVANCES YOU.

3.     Apply Effort– (Execution is better than Intention) Biggest reflection of Things Fall Apart was Chinua Achebe’s theme of either we do something or we don’t. Willing is not enough, we must apply effort. #ActionsAreVerbs

4.     Monitor your body language– Do you look like you want to be here (Are you alert? Have you gotten your water, tea, or coffee so you are ready for the day?)

5.     Bring energy to the room– Be excited about what you do… That’s right, don’t be stuck on average. You came here to be creative and change the world; So, be excited and take advance because someone could have your spot. You were chosen because someone believed in your purpose.

6.     Attitude + Ambition = Achievement- (small wins get you inches in the class room where inconsistences breed miles from the goal).

7.     Passion- focus on what you love, not what you’re good at. Passion lasts longer!

8.     Be coachable- You don’t have to know everything, because there’s a reason for growth. Take advantage of meeting other professionals by meeting your advisor or attending events.

9.     Doing extra- If you do the extra mile now, you don’t need extra credit (set a schedule finish before the due date. Meet with your instructor or set a goal to meet with the Learning Resource Center prior to turning work in)!

10.  Being Prepared- If you stay ready, you never have to get ready. Preparation meets opportunity (What do you need to read, who do you need to meet with, where are you going, what do you need to do before class begins?)

As we gear up for a strong 4- week start, whether you are a freshman or completing your last semester at MIAD, a plan works for completing this semester strong. In this email, I’ve shared tools to help you plan for a strong start to the semester. Feel free to connect with your advisor about your goals! Otherwise, my door is always open to meeting you; please feel free to email me to schedule an appointment.


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