As we enter the second half of the semester and final projects and papers are started and/or coming due, don’t overlook the obvious. It is tempting to work long hours to complete projects, but your work will suffer if you don’t take care of your body’s basic needs to eat and sleep routinely. Fueling your body with rest and healthy energy sources will keep your mind and body operating at its optimum for Success!

Believe it or not, getting a good night’s sleep (7-9 hours for college students according to most studies), can benefit you in multiple ways, including: better memory, improved grades, decreased chances of getting sick, and improved mood. Sleep loss can affect coordination, concentration, memory, and mood (increased negative feelings and thoughts which can work against productivity in accomplishing school related tasks).

If you have concerns about completing assignments on time and would like help with coming up with strategies to stay on top of your game AND get needed sleep, please stop in the LRC and talk with a tutor for some tips that might work for you! Tutors are available Monday-Friday and on Sundays, when the Learning Commons is open. An appointment sign-up sheet is conveniently located on the bulletin board in the LRC space in the Learning Commons (RL100).

For more information contact: Cathryn Wilson,