Dear MIAD community,

In January, the Inclusivity Committee began its work to meet the President’s charge to the college “to make visible, educate about and help celebrate diversity.” Seven working groups were formed. The working groups are:
• Celebrate Diversity
• Educate & Train Faculty/Staff
• Educate Community
• Educate Students/Curriculum
• Language
• Safety/ Bias Incident reporting /policies and protocol
• Position: Inclusivity “officer” (title dependent upon position)

The members have begun to identify and work on both short term initiatives (Spring and Summer 2019) and long term initiatives (Fall 2019-Spring 2020). On Friday, March 8, the leaders of the working groups met and shared their initiatives, time lines for completion, and submitted budget requests. I want to share with you some of the many initiatives.

Short Term (Spring & Summer 2019)
• The Language Group has drafted a mission statement to guide the Inclusivity Committee. The Committee will review the statement before the end of March 2019. In addition, they worked with the Senior Staff to add two objectives to MIAD’s strategic plan.
• The Language Group is conducting an audit of all college communications (e.g., website, Admissions materials, course syllabi; HR documents; etc.) to identify where and how the college discusses inclusivity and diversity. They will make recommendations to the college community.
• Several groups are developing a communication plan to coordinate communications of diversity and inclusivity programming (calendar of events, zine, newsletter, a visual feed that highlights MIAD alumni, current events on-campus, student organizations, and what’s going on “behind the scenes” in the classroom to celebrate diversity).
• Class rosters will include students preferred names and pronouns. (This initiative is completed.)
• Convert second floor women’s restroom into an all-gender restroom
• Develop an infographic guide of “Who to Go to When Something Happens”
• Discover how diversity is currently included in curriculum and instruction. Survey faculty about how they include diversity in their courses. Survey students about their observations of inclusivity across their courses and majors.
• Send five faculty/staff to the Unlearning Racism workshop (YWCA-Milwaukee) in July
• Take inventory of, and develop, the MIAD Library’s collection to include artists representative and celebratory of our diverse population, and resources that address and promote issues of diversity and inclusion.
• Hire part time diversity consultant to advise Inclusivity Committee

Long Term (Fall 2019 & Spring 2020)
• Develop and implement a bias Incident reporting policy/procedure
• Hire an Inclusivity and Diversity Officer – new position
• Establish a series of lectures at MIAD called The Identity Series to generate dialogue about how an individual’s identity intersects with their art/design, overtly or covertly.
• Execute communications plan
• Safe Zone Training for faculty/staff/students
• Faculty and Staff diversity training – professional development training at Fall/Spring convocation; four sessions (quarterly) of multi-cultural training during academic year – time during common hour set aside for training.

This is where the committee is at this time. The initiatives are extensive and committee members will be reaching out to faculty and staff for assistance. Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Jennifer Crandall, Chair Inclusivity Committee

For more information contact: Jennifer Crandall,