It’s no shock that nationally, the average student completes college in 5 years. I know,
right?! Shocking, but the truth remains no matter how long it takes you to complete, as
long as you do complete college, you have accomplished a bigger goal!

Here at MIAD, our academic advisors work hard to help you understand and navigate
your program of study, which gives privy to this question, “Do you know your numbers?”
For any student after Fall 2016, it takes 120 credits to complete your degree. Which
means, if you take 15 credits a semester, you can finish in 4 years!

15 credit hours/Semester X 2 = 30 credit hours/year
30 credit hours/year X 4 years = 120 credit hours necessary to graduate.

How you complete those 15 credits are entirely up to you. Whether it’s taking 12 credits
in the fall and picking up 3 credits over winter break, you’ve still completed 15 credits.
Some students even take credits over the summer to finish up courses sooner. When affordable, courses over the summer are an opportunity to complete your program of
study sooner, or create balance for keeping a pace that works for you during the fall and
spring semesters.

So, if you need help planning courses and pace, consider reaching out to your advisor or
stopping by the Registrar’s Office.

Now that we have course completion numbers out the way, I ask the question again… “Do you know your numbers?!”

According to the academic catalog, here at MIAD, there are thresholds that impact
student rankings:

The number of completed credits determines your class (refer to your registration form for # of completed credits). You may be taking junior level major classes but may only have completed enough credits for sophomore standing (unfinished liberal studies, foundations, or studio electives will an effect on class standing).

FYE/Freshman – 0-29 credits
Sophomore – 29.1-59 credits
Junior – 59.1-89 credits
Senior – 89.1+ credits

Note that you register with your class; so, even if you are taking upper level classes you
will register with the class determined by credit hours completed.

So, within the first four weeks, make an effort to meet with your advisor to know your numbers!

For more information contact: Alea Cross,

For more information contact: Alea Cross,