Event Date: 07/31/2020

MyBestMattress.com is dedicated to spread awareness about sleep health, best mattresses, mattress reviews, as well as about the importance of good education. Our team is happy to constantly help students by providing financial aid. It’s always useful to hear their advice on learners’ productivity & sleep health. We hope to shed light on the sleep deprivation problem among many students nationwide.

We believe that the MyBestMattress scholarship will make the learning process less stressful and will let you sleep more soundly!

To be able to apply for the MyBestMattress niche scholarships, you have to create a short video, in which you should talk about:

What is the scariest nightmare you ever had?
Why is good sleep important for a student?
What are the main components of getting a good sleep?
Do you have any tips on sleep for fellow students?
The video must be no more than 5 minutes long, done in a creative, entertaining way. Let your imagination & creativity flow – there are no rules about the way you should present yourself. Make it fun & informal, as if you’re talking to a good friend. Upload the video either to Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo.

In order to classify your videos as application, you are required:
1. To add this text description below your published video:
Importance of good sleep for students. MyBestMattress.com Scholarship 2019 – https://www.mybestmattress.com/easy-scholarships

2. At the beginning of the video, you have to state the following:
This is a story for the MyBestMattress.com scholarship

Eligibility requirements for niche scholarships:

You have to have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in order to prove good academic performance.
You must be enrolled/must be planning to enroll in a 2-4 year college, graduate school or university based in the USA.

To apply for the easy scholarship, send an email to hello@mybestmattress.com (your email subject: Scholarship Application) with information listed below:

Your full name
Phone number
The name of the college, university or graduate school you’re attending/planning to attend
Year of study
A link to your application video posted on Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook.
Attach a file of your high school, college, university or graduate school recent transcript so the Scholarship Committee would be able to validate your GPA.

For more information contact: Monica Kudl, hello@mybestmattress.com

Website: https://www.mybestmattress.com/easy-scholarships