A tried and true time-saving strategy is visiting the LRC when you are working on a written assignment. By spending a few minutes with a trained tutor to focus exclusively on a specific writing assignment, you can be better prepared with ideas, a strong thesis, and/or possibly an outline of your paper before you even sit down to write!

The writing process is significantly shorter if you don’t have to be making decisions about what to write, while stopping to consider what is important to include, while determining what will make your ideas stronger, and while figuring out how to best structure the paper — all while trying to COMPOSE your written draft!

So if you have a paper to write, sign up for an appointment in the LRC today! Peer tutors are available Monday-Friday. Use the tutor scheduling calendar on the LRC Moodle site (Quick Links) to set up a virtual appointment!

For more information contact: Cathryn Wilson, cathrynwilson@miad.edu

Website: http://bit.ly/miadLRC