The cafe website is your one stop place to see the menu, add money on to your meal plan, place your food order for pick up and let us know how we are doing:

Online Orders: Go to this website to order online –!/home
Students: Log in with username and password (if you can not log in, email Erik at
Choose your desired time for pick up if ordering for more than 30 mins out. If ordering for right now, allow 15 minute for cooking and preparing your order. Add what you want to purchase, by clicking the + sign. Add any toppings or modifiers on the meal or item to make the menu tailored for you.
Checkout, then choose pay with account or pay at counter (pay at counter is for cash or credit/debit only)
You will get an email confirmation of your order. If you have an account please use it to help with speed of service, less wait times and to maintain social distance.

Social Distancing: The best way to keep your social distance is ordering online. Please keep your distance from other students if they are not your family or roommate. Be aware of the pick up line and maintain social distance at all times.

New Items: We are excited to announce that poke bowls are back. They are only available if you order online. Please allow 15 minutes to have poke bowls made fresh tailored for you.

For more information contact: Ricky Heldt,