Student ID’s: ID’s will be sent as a PDF to all new students for your convenience. We recommend that you add your digital ID to your phone, tablet, or even laptop for use on campus.  If you’d need a printed, traditional version of your card you may request it here:
If you lose your printed ID you can have it reprinted at the copy center for $5. Please allow 24 hours for printing and then call 414-291-4050 and allow 15 minutes head start to pick up at Digicopy, 222 E. Erie Street. Order your lost ID for printing here:

Bus Pass: Your bus pass/UPass is the same card for all four years. The first card is handed out during Orientation. If you lose your bus pass the cost is $5. The $5 replacement fee will be added to your student account and you can make payment arrangements later. The bus pass takes 2 business days before it is ready to be used on the bus, in the mean-time use your student ID to board the bus and let the bus driver know your ID is lost and you placed an order for a replacement. Order a replacement UPass here:
Bus Route Finder:

Meal Plan: The MIAD Café has meals to please everyone’s palette. Using your student ID card is the most convenient way to pay for meals and order online. Students living in MIAD Housing automatically have $250 each semester added on to their account, which is enough to get you started. You can add money on to your meal plan by filling out the online form. If you are not living in MIAD Housing you can start a meal plan and add money on as needed using the online form. What’s great about adding money onto a meal plan is that you can add money onto your ID card now and then pay for it later with the Business office and make payment arrangements that make sense for you.
Add Money On To Your Meal Plan Here:
Café Menu and Online Order Form:

Parking: The parking fee is $250 per semester, which is less per day than an hour of meter parking. You can reserve your spot in the lot now and have your parking added to your student account.   A permit will be available for pick up from the MIAD Security desk at 273 E. Erie Street. Online Parking Form:

MIAD Merchandise:  MIAD merchandise is available to purchase at our online shop.  You can choose to have the items shipped to an address you provide at the time you place your order or choose to pick up your merchandise at MIAD.  We will email you when items are ready to be picked up.  Visit the online store for our current inventory and new items!  Online Store: 

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Updated: 1/7/2021

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