Frame Destination, a leading online retailer of custom frames for pictures and artwork recently hosted a “What Does Art Mean to You” scholarship.

As a company proud to support both students and the arts, Frame Destination believes strongly in growing the arts through education, and providing aspiring and current artists alike with the tools, resources and opportunity to let their passion and creativity shine.

The Frame Destination Scholarship

Hosted and sponsored by Frame Destination, this scholarship challenged students to answer the question “What Does Art Mean to You?”

With no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer, this open-ended question was meant to tap into the creative minds of today’s youths, allowing them to freely express what art means to them and why they are passionate about the craft.

Selection Criteria

Winners were chosen by ownership and staff from Frame Destination, with the chosen participants touching both the hearts and minds of the judges through their demonstration and expression of passion for the arts.

The Winners of the Scholarship

Although choosing a winner is never easy, in the end, two students stood out ahead of the rest.

Winners Chosen Included:
Georgette P. of Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (Illustration Major)
Margaret B. of Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design

About Frame Destination

Frame Destination is more than just an online retailer of custom frames. It is a company set on inspiring, honoring and showcasing creativity in all forms, from illustrations and digital art, to paintings and photography.
As a staunch advocate of the Arts, Frame Destination was proud to have sponsored this scholarship and would like to offer a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated.

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