The transition back to campus and in-person learning this fall is equally exciting as it is uncertain. Whether you are new to the MIAD community or are a sophomore who spent their entire first year learning remotely, it’s safe to say that for many of you, being back on campus and in the classroom will be a new and rewarding experience. Of course, as with every new experience or change, challenges are to be expected and planned for. Here are 3 tips to help you navigate the transition to in-person learning.

Stay Connected
Finding a sense of belonging and community is incredibly important for your personal and academic success. Although how we stay connected has shifted in the last year, now that we are back on campus, take advantage of the many clubs and organizations or start your own by finding a group of people who share a common interest. If you’d like to join a club or organization, you can reach out to Marianne Di Ulio, Director of Residential Living and Student Engagement.

Organize, Plan, and Set a Routine
It’s never too early to plan for your semester. When you receive your syllabi, make sure you go through and write down when your assignments and projects are due, as well as when you have any tests or quizzes. This will help you gain a clear overview of your semester, allowing you to determine when you might encounter busier times in your calendar. That said, don’t forget to schedule in time for yourself! Make yourself a priority by taking time each day to destress. Lastly, set a routine. Transitions are often more challenging when we lack stability. Determine how you can set your schedule so that you can cultivate a sense of comfort and community.

Be Patient and Know Your Resources
It’s perfectly normal to feel both excited and apprehensive about returning to in-person classes. It’s important to remember that some of us may be more comfortable being in person than others. Give yourself and your fellow peers patience and kindness as you adjust to campus life. And remember, if you ever need additional support or guidance, there are people across campus who are ready to assist, such as the tutors in the Learning Resource Center! We are here to assist you with writing, research, time management, and the transition to college. We are simply one resource among many, so be sure to learn your resources or reach out to your advisor if you have questions!

We look forward to welcoming you to campus this fall!

For more information contact: Krystin Boyd,