Event Date: Jan. 26

Time: 11:00am

Location: Innovation Center

Cost: free

When: 11:15-12:15, Wednesday, Jan. 26th
Where: Room 445 (the Innovation Center)
Are you interested in communication design and/or Indigenous history/studies? Please join Margaret for our first MIAD Faculty WIP (work in progress) presentation. Margaret will be presenting a recent conference paper on the American Indian Movement era newspaper Akwesasne Notes and its posters promoting Indigenous sovereignty in the 1970s. Come to ask questions, lend some advice on how this new research could grow, or just come to listen. All are welcome!

Series Announcement: Faculty WIP Sessions

A new monthly series of work in progress sessions (WIPs) is being held in the Innovation Center to help build solidarity between our colleagues and students while advancing innovative scholarship and/or creative practice.

WIPs will take place from 11:15-12:15 during the last week of each month (either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday – presenter’s choice) during the fall and spring semesters. Formatting for the WIP is entirely the presenter’s choice:

  • Do you have a conference paper you would like to present before the big day?
  • Are you stuck in a rut with a recent artistic project and in need of healthy critique/feedback from colleagues?
  • Do you have a piece of written work (an academic article, poem, or story) you would like to send to attendees prior to the WIP and use the session entirely for dialogue about how to advance said work?
  • Do you simply want to introduce what you are currently working on for the sake of sharing and building solidarity?
  • All of these and more are ways you could take advantage of a WIP.

This spring, we have three WIP slots to fill, respectively, for February, March, and April. If you are interested in presenting your work in any capacity, please email Ashley Luchinski (ashleyluchinski@miad.edu), Margaret Schmitz (margaretschmitz@miad.edu), and Kayle Karbowski (kaylekarbowski@miad.edu) with a description of how you plan to use the session and accompanying images (if there are any) by February 1st. Presenters will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

Margaret Schmitz will start us off on Wednesday, January 26th during the common hour. She will be presenting a recent conference paper, which she hopes to expand into an academic article or book chapter. See the abstract for Margaret’s paper and come ready to listen, offer input, ask questions, or to simply learn about what one of your professors / colleagues has been up to!

For more information contact: Margaret Schmitz, margaretschmitz@miad.edu