Event Date: 08/30/2022

Time: 11:15am

Location: Riverwalk outside MIAD cafe

Soak up the sun while walking to local cafes or eating lunch in the park! We will be meeting on the river walk outside the MIAD cafe around 11:15 most days! Wanna pick up the pace? Morning and night runs (Mon-Thurs) will be organized weekly! Join our email list by emailing maddykoltun@miad.edu and take our survey to find out what times work best for you!


Trips to local hiking spots on Saturdays and Sundays will be coming soon! Enjoy trips out into the woods, sandy beaches, and peaceful meadows!

For more information contact: Jayden Ellsworth, jaydenellsworth@miad.edu

Website: https://forms.gle/LfFwEZL9kjokGvBP6