This semester, MIAD’s Student Support Coordinators, Ash and Pilar, will be holding several mental health events over the course of the semester! See below for a brief description of each series:

JOY Focused Expressive Arts Series
A series focused on creating and incorporating joy in your life, with special emphasis placed on incorporating joy as a MIAD student. Open to all students!

Commuter Student Social Connections Group
A space for commuter students to connect and build community, discuss the unique experiences and challenges of being a commuter student at MIAD, and share ideas and strategies to enhance the commuter experience. Open to all commuter students!

First Gen Social Connections Group
A space for first generation college students to build community, celebrate their accomplishments, ask questions, and discuss their experiences as first gen students at MIAD. Open to all first gen college students!

For more information contact: Pilar Joseph,