Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Struggling with your mental health? MIAD’s Student Support Coordinators are here to support you.

Brandon and Holly are located near the library in RL80C and RL80D. Virtual and in person appointments are available Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm. Scan the QR codes to find a day and time that works well for you.

How we help:

-Manage anxiety, depression, or other mental health needs
-Navigate life transitions, such as adjusting to college, homesickness, etc.
-Balance course work or school/home/work life
-Connect with social activities
-Develop or improve coping skills
-Combat impostor syndrome
-Reserve MIAD’s telehealth room for your virtual therapy or doctor’s appointments
-Help finding a therapist, support system, or other resources
-And much more

For more information contact: Holly Vanderbusch, hollyvanderbusch@miad.edu

Website: https://www.miad.edu/college-services/student-life/health-wellness-services